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I Colori di rosalba (Rosalba's color)

In 2020 Stucco Italiano announced their second colour catalogue.
They named it “I colori di Rosalba” (Rosalba’s Colours), honouring the Venetian painter whose works have inspired our 40 new colours.
Rosalba Carriera (1673-1757) was a Venetian Rococo
portrait painter and one of the most famous European
artists of the eighteenth century. She was the first
female painter to initiate a new style, pioneering the
exclusive use of pastel in her portraits. She was also the first to bind coloured chalks into sticks, leading to the development of a much wider range of prepared colours and expanding the usefulness of the pastel medium.
Her unique style emphasized the use of spontaneous
brush strokes, dancing lights, subtle surface tonalities,
and a soft, elegant, and charming approach to the subject matter. Her highly delicate trait and her remarkable ability to capture the essence of the people she portrayed made her famous in all the European courts.

Quality & Simplicity

Our Colour System is thought for the professional,
following two main principles: quality of results and
the simplicity of use. The same System works with all our decorative products. Stucco Italiano’s Colour System consists of:
• A catalogue with the 90 Stucco Italiano basic colors
• I colori di Rosalba, a collection of 42 exclusive colours
that recall those used by the Italian painter Rosalba
Carriera (1675-1757) in her works;
• A PC software to calculate the colour formulas. It is
designed for Windows and can be easily installed in
your computer;
• 16 base-colourants, with which you can obtain all
the 132 formulas.
In the following pages are displayed all 132 colours,
in two tones (1 and 3). Other tones can be achieved by
adding to material different quantities of colour.

all-inclusive and easy to use

With our software, you can get the correct colour formula by simply inserting the colour of your choice, the type of material from our list of products and the quantity you wish to colour. Our Colour System works with all Stucco Italiano’s products alike: both with lime-based plasters and decorative paints. The formula is expressed both in terms of volume (in millilitres for use with a syringe) and in terms of weight (in grams to weigh on scales).
For instance, the formula can be modified according to your needs by indicating a lower or higher percentage
to get a lighter or darker tone. The formula can also be
changed by increasing or decreasing a certain hue. Each formula, including those changed, can be saved with our customer’s name and kept for later use. You can even create your own colour formulas.


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